Martin DeBourge live in concert

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Possessing a massive four octave range, Martin has appeared on numerous session pieces worldwide. With 4 full length albums to his name, years of gigging experience and over seas performances, DeBourge takes charge of the stage as well as the studio environment.

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Shortened list of credits:

Kantation – power metal
torman maxt – progressive rock
Damien Thorne – old school metal
Head Transfer Process – prog rock/metal
Chixie Dixx – gigging cover band
Harri Mommo – Finnish hard rock sessions

worked with:
Shawn Phillips (Beatles, Donovan, Linda Lewis)
Bryan Beller (Steve Vai, Mike Keneally,  Z, Guthrie Govan & Aristocrats)
Ojo Taylor (Undercover, Adam Again, Broken Records)
Chris Catharsis (Soul Cycle)


Hard rock/metal sample Heavier sample


Lighter sample Rock sample


Contact information:

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Phone: 760-897-4434

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